Tull Gearreald

Excerpts: “The Junk Heap” So the man who many thought cut a deal to avoid the public agony of a trial (and, not incidentally, to spare his brother, Lowell, from the threat of criminal prosecution) went on trial anyway. Milken admitted a measure of guilt in April, saying he engaged in illegal dealings with Boesky […]

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Those Write-Offs At KinderCare

Excerpts: “Those Write-Offs At KinderCare” Watching with what must have been some nervousness were the principals of the Lodestar Group, an investment banking boutique that is underwriting an unusual recapitalization and split-up of the two companies. Lodestar could end up on the hook for up to $160 million if KinderCare’s share price falls below $5.75

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Excerpts: A Merchant Banker Starts Own Firm Ken Miller is resigning as vice chairman of Merrill Lynch Capital Markets to start his own firm for buying out companies or taking controlling interests in them. Mr. Miller received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in Chinese studies from Yale. His

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