Morgan Stanley’s John Langlois recommends Deepak Moorjani

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Deepak Moorjani to the Council on Foreign Relations.

During my career, I have worked with a number of highly-talented young individuals. Deepak stands among the top in terms of his business skills, maturity and intellectual curiosity. I believe he has the right mix of talent, drive, and leadership to continue his success.

Deepak and I became acquainted last year at Morgan Stanley in Tokyo where we worked together in the real estate investing division. His U.S. work experience was primarily private equity and venture capital investing, and he quickly made the transition to the real estate investing business. Not only did he grasp complex concepts quickly, but he showed a natural curiosity in the pursuit of independent research. This allowed him to discover investing opportunities not seen by others with longer tenures in the real estate business. Deepak has since moved to Deutsche Bank where he has more freedom to build his principal business.

At a relatively young age, Deepak has shown an ability to meld various cultures and unique experiences: (i) a native Ohioan with parents from India, (ii) a young professional at a New York merchant bank who gained business experience in Britain, France and Italy, (iii) a Silicon Valley venture capitalist in a firm he formed with a former Fortune 500 CEO, and (iv) an investment professional in Asia with experience in Japan and India.

Deepak exhibits a combination of highly-developed interpersonal, analytical and management skills. His life has been infused with a mix of diverse experiences, and I am sure that he will continue this achievement and service in foreign relations. Deepak travels to New York several times per year and will commit to participating in Council events to the fullest extent possible.

Deepak is my first nomination to the Council, and the Council would benefit from his mix of real-world international experience, intellectual curiosity, trustworthy and friendly demeanor, and penchant for success. He is an exceptional candidate who will be a strong contributor to the organization.

Source: John Langlois