Michael Spindler updates from Cannes

Hi Upstarters,

Just wanted to try out the famous fax line.

I made it here safely. You guys should try out Swissair. Contrary to popular belief – smiling and courteous people, good seats, on time, and a smooth ride – what a difference to Southwest Airlines!

I am still chasing James Gates from TPG – this guy is as elusive as it comes. No luck with the Hillman Family either. I kicked Jon Carter’s butt a bit on the Z-Market CEO search. He had another conversation with good ole Boris Reznik.

Just watching TV and reading the local papers, it seems that the Internet revolution here is handled by much more seasoned people. Whether it is Terra’s acquisition of Lycos, or the merger of a British and a German auction site to fend off eBay, the average age of these guys is much higher than in the US.

As one of the analysts in France puts it: there is no Jerry Yang anywhere. There may be some hacking kids – particularly in France – but the big stuff gets done by seasoned guys.

There is lots of wireless Internet stuff around the WAP protocol. It seems Japan leads in technology and consumer penetration (big comeback after the doldrums in the nineties), followed by the Europeans and then – distant – the US.

Talk to you !

Source: Michael Spindler