John Stevens Sheldon recommends Deepak Moorjani

Excerpts: John Stevens Sheldon recommends Deepak Moorjani

  • In my seven years at The Lodestar Group/LSG Advisors and my eight years at Goldman Sachs, I have had the pleasure of working with many exceptional bankers. Of all the MBA candidates for whom I have chosen to write recommendations, Deepak stands among the top candidates in terms of the skills he has developed and the contributions I believe he will make to your MBA program.
  • Deepak’s greatest strengths are a combination of highly developed financial, technical and strategic analytical skills and his well developed judgment regarding when and how to apply such skills.
  • I often find Deepak helping me reformulate my views regarding what truly is “the question” or “the problem” or the “real situation”. Deepak is surprisingly mature in reading a situation and determining what are the critical issues. In short, Deepak has an impressively unique combination of raw analytical capability with a very thoughtful perspective of considering most of the relevant points of view on the situation at hand. This perspective is unparalleled by most young businessmen his age.
  • Deepak’s weakness are few, and I believe he is well aware of them. Not surprisingly Deepak has somewhat limited patience with individuals who struggle with the complexities of multidimensional analytical challenges.
  • In addition to Deepak’s raw analytical abilities, I have always found his work to be very precise and consistent with a high degree of attention to detail. For a banker at his stage of development, Deepak is very concise in forming both his written and spoken word.
  • At our firm, Deepak has shown incredible initiative in identifying technology, broadly defined, as a field on which to focus with an objective of developing banking opportunities. In this regard I am quite impressed with the thoughtfulness of Deepak’s approach, the knowledge of technology that he has assimilated and his ability to choose discreet, specific potential transactions on which to focus.
  • I believe that it is highly likely that a particular foray of Deepak’s will result in our firm being engaged by a major U.S. technology firm, a very rare accomplishment for a banker at Deepak’s stage of development.
  • Deepak is very capable at generating appropriately deserved respect from others who are usually older and much more experienced.
  • As a final thought, I strongly believe that Deepak Moorjani is a very unique candidate for your program. It has been a long time since I have recommended a candidate with as interesting a mix of innate intelligence, analytical judgment, commercial focus, entrepreneurialism and tenacity.
  • Since I have known Deepak, he has worked closely as a directly reporting subordinate and in certain cases, as a colleague.
  • My ratings of Deepak Moorjani are compared to the approximately 100 analysts and associates that I have worked with at LSG Advisors and previously Goldman Sachs.

Source: John Stevens Sheldon