Former Apple CEO Michael Spindler on Nations versus Networks

Excerpt: Former Apple CEO is the June Luncheon Speaker at the Stillwater Club

  • Michael Spindler was born in Berlin, Germany and holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Technical University in Cologne.
  • In 1980, Michael Spindler joined Apple Inc. as European Manager based in Paris, France. In 1985, he took responsibility for Appleā€™s International business based in Cupertino, CA.
  • Michael Spindler became President & COO in 1990 and President & CEO in 1993. He left Apple in 1996.
  • Following corporate life, Michael Spindler became a venture capitalist: he co-founded Upstart Capital and served as its co-managing partner with Deepak Moorjani.
  • Michael Spindler served on the boards of German carmaker Daimler-Benz and media conglomerate Bertelsmann.
  • He also served on the boards of non-profits, including the American Film Institute in Los Angeles and Libraries for the Future in New York.
  • Former Apple CEO Michael Spindler preferred to keep a low profile. As he stated: “I don’t believe in this star-mania stuff. I’m too much of a believer in teams to worry about becoming a star.”