Ex-MIT professor denies attempting to swindle family

Excerpts: Ex-MIT professor denies attempting to swindle family

  • Prosecutors on Thursday announced that 75-year-old John Donovan Sr., of Hamilton, was indicted on several charges for allegedly forging his youngest son’s signature to gain title to at least four properties that had been left by him. That son, John Donovan Jr., died in 2015 at age 43.
  • The senior Donovan is also accused of forging and fabricating a variety of other documents related to his son’s final will.
  • He was found guilty in 2007 of staging his own shooting. He said he was attacked by two Russian hit men while getting into his car on the night of Dec. 16, 2005. Prosecutors say he shot himself in the stomach in an attempt to frame one of his sons.
  • “As the indictment clearly indicates he tried to steal from his youngest son’s widow and children, his own grandchildren,” the statement said.
  • Source: Associated Press