Excerpts: “Daschle pushed Hindery for Obama job.”

  • Tom Daschle backed the patron who paid him a million-dollar salary and supplied him with a free car and driver for a job inside the Obama administration, two Democrats said Monday.
  • Democratic senators on Monday opened up a new line of defense for Daschle, saying his back-tax problems stemmed from Hindery’s failure to process the proper IRS paperwork on the limo rides.
  • “Leo’s last major forays into politics with John Edwards and Freddy Ferrer were singularly ill-considered,” said Steve Rattner, another media mogul and top Democratic fundraiser who clashed with Hindery during the 2005 mayoral race. “He has a habit of backing people who shouldn’t to be in the office they’re running for.”
  • Hindery, though, was also in the top rung of donors: He personally contributed more than $1 million to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee under Daschle’s leadership.
  • He also backed Edwards far beyond almost any other donor. Campaign finance records show that he underwrote private jet travel for Edwards’ 2008 campaign, a campaign finance loophole that has been since closed. A former aide said Hindery paid the bulk of Elizabeth Edwards’ travel expenses.
  • He also did a stint as CEO of the telecommunications firm Global Crossing, and in 2002 sued the then-bankrupt company for $822,000 in back salary and rent for his apartment in the Waldorf-Astoria.

Source: Politico.com