Curriculum Vitae of former Apple CEO Michael Spindler

Former Apple CEO Michael Spindler was born in Berlin, Germany, and he held a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from RFH in Cologne, Germany. In 1980, he joined Apple as European Manager based in Paris, France. In 1985, he took responsibility for Apple’s International business based in Cupertino, CA. Michael Spindler became President & COO in 1990 and President & CEO in 1993.

Following corporate life, Michael Spindler became a venture capitalist: he co-founded Upstart Capital and served as its co-managing partner with Deepak Moorjani.

Michael Spindler served on the boards of German carmaker Daimler-Benz and media conglomerate Bertelsmann AG. He also served on the boards of non-profits, including the American Film Institute in Los Angeles and Libraries for the Future in New York.

Former Apple CEO Michael Spindler preferred to keep a low profile. As he stated: “I don’t believe in this star-mania stuff. I’m too much of a believer in teams to worry about becoming a star.”

Selected quotes on former Apple CEO Michael Spindler:

  • Steve Jobs: “I think Mike Spindler is the unsung hero of Apple’s success over the last two years.”
  • Former Apple Chairman Mike Markkula: “The board has been very pleased with Michael’s performance. He is the best thinker at Apple. He is truly a very brilliant man.”
  • Kleiner Perkins’ E. Floyd Kvamme: “With Mike, you get a lot of steak. You’re not getting a lot of sizzle. There’s a lot of steak, though.”
  • Former Apple Director Bernard Goldstein: “He’s the right man at the right time. Michael is a superb hands-on administrator.”
  • Apple Fellow Steve P. Capps: “With Spindler, it’s like talking with another nerd. He gets it.”
  • Former IBM President Jack Kuehler: “He can be creative or pragmatic. I don’t think the world has given him that credit.”


Steve Jobs: "I think Mike Spindler is the unsung hero of Apple's success over the last two years."