Former Apple CEO Michael Spindler recommends Deepak Moorjani

Dear Philip Mintz:

It is my understanding that your are in discussions with Deepak Moorjani about a possible position at GE.

As a matter of introduction, I was CEO at Apple Computer until 1996 and a client of GEISCO at the time. As such, I had a fond experience with Jack Welsh who invited me to address a key GE management group at the training center in Croton-on-Hudson.

After 30 years in corporate life, I decided to work on something else and in 1999 helped form and run Upstart Capital with Deepak Moorjani who came highly recommended by former colleagues of mine.

During the time at Upstart I got to know Deepak quite well personally and professionally. He is a great talent for the position at hand and an equally great human being, two qualities which, together, you don’t find that often in an individual these days.

I encourage you to consider his candidacy aggressively and with an open mind. If I can be of further help or reference, please feel free to contact me directly.

Source: Michael Spindler