An introduction to Upstart Capital, a venture capital fund

Upstart Capital is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund. The principals of Upstart include Aymerik Renard (France Telecom’s U.S. venture capitalist), Michael Spindler (former Apple CEO) and Deepak Moorjani (The Lodestar Group).

Upstart was launched in late 1999 with an investor base including Sumitomo Corporation, France Telecom, Societe Generale, the partners of two multi-billion dollar investment funds, Leo Hindery (CEO of Global Crossing), Bill Joy (founder of Sun Microsystems), and select Internet industry CEOs.

Upstart’s advisory board includes Jean-Claude Latombe (Chair of the Stanford CS Department), Bill Pade (lead of McKinsey’s Silicon Valley practice), Doug Solomon (Chief Strategy Officer of Palm Computer) and Leo Hindery.
Steve Jobs: "I think Mike Spindler is the unsung hero of Apple's success over the last two years."